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  • Central Command

    Remote management of content, second screen and social activities

    Applicaster’s online CMS serves as the command-bridge of the service, with a variety of options to edit settings and apply changes to the service on the fly. It is a unified tool for managing video ingestion, synchronized interactions, social TV, second screen, users and access permissions, monetization opportunities, UI & UX, notification & messaging and much more.

    Controlling the service remotely enables fewer application updates to the stores, so that your service refreshes to offer new functionality without bothering your user base. The CMS enables launching second screen activities, managing advertising campaigns, building graphical elements, defining UI&UX functionality and switching a variety of features on & off as needed.


    Exciting new TV tools

    Hundreds of new features released each quarter

    Applicaster R&D and product specialized teams continuously explore and innovate to ensure that you get to offer the most captivating and rich TV experience, based on the latest technology. New features equip your creative and production personnel with cutting edge innovation reflected in studio work, and in the application.

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  • Event based scaling

    No need to build it before they come

    The new TV environment requires new tools to successfully guarantee high QoS to users, and service availability even when unexpected surges in demand occur. Applicaster’s cloud architecture offers predictive scaling and near-future activities as well as system wide monitoring.

    Applicaster platform is event-based, enabling intuitive management not only of a series or a show but also per episode / event. Our cloud array is so scalable that millions of users can seamlessly tune in for the season finale at the same time. The content management system (CMS) enables timing activities per show or event, and even taking over the application at a moment’s notice when needed, such as a prince’s birth.


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  • Creative design

    Customized, branded apps combined with unique user interface

    Applicaster creates highly engaging and beautiful applications that users love. The applications are modular, allowing for a unique look & feel to be applied. They are also completely White-Label - Applicaster brand is invisible to the consumer, leaving room for your branding.


    Flexible functionality

    Select features and functionality make each application a unique TV experience

    Based on TV genre, target audience and broadcaster preferences each application is built to fit the service. Many of the features are designed with customizable elements and templates handled via the CMS. Some features can appear only when specifically enabled or only after triggered by TV events.


    Build your own

    You can code and design your application using our SDK

    Applicaster gives you the option to integrate the services into your existing apps or new ones you wish to introduce. Functionality includes streamed / cached content, payments and advertising, synchronised viewing experiences, social viewing tools and much more. Utilizing Applicaster’s SDK and API, you also gain access to powerful management tools

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  • Smart insights

    Platform native and 3rd party statistics and analytics

    Learn to better understand your end users by retrieving statistics and analytical data from our platform, as well as from leading third party providers. Data consists of user demographics, downloads, number of downloads per version and platform, user paths through the application and much more.

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  • Any business model

    Quickly repackage service bundles to suit your business needs

    Applicaster offers a variety of business models such as subscriptions; time based pricing, pay-per-channel or item, free/ad-based usage, product placement & E-commerce subscriptions, auto-renewable subscriptions, viewing packages, virtual currency, and more. You can use any of these as part of special campaigns and as rewards for viewers in the achievement center.


    Any advertising tool

    Give your sponsors the freedom to choose

    Advertising, sponsorships and branded content can be seamlessly integrated as full screen ads, banners, video ads, custom overlays and interactive widgets to the video screen. These placements may be utilized for advertising and marketing partners or for internal promotion of services, products and special offers. In addition, we integrate with any third party ad provider, and support Apple’s iAds and Google ads support.

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Applicaster, a cutting-edge provider of white label broadcast solutions for cross-screen TV experiences, has been empowering world-leading broadcasters, formats, and cable companies since 2009.  Our solutions include live and on demand TV, second screen, synchronized and social TV experiences, and engaging apps that function in all connectivity environments, supporting any business model. The rich new layers of daylong & play-along engagement and branded entertainment transform viewers from receptive audience into active participants and consumers.  Together with its powerful management and analytic tools, Applicaster enables broadcast operations to quickly address the business and technology challenges of TV technology as it evolves.

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